„Business assurance services“ – professional audit services

“Business assurance services” is incorporated to provide professional audit and non-audit assurance services in accordance with International standards on auditing (ISA).

The aim of the financial audit is an independent person with appropriate professional qualification, not related to the management of the company and who does not hold any interests in it, to check and confirm that the financial statements together with notes, give a true and fair view in all material aspects of its financial position, the information is presented fairly, free of bias, and do not lead to misleading.

Our services:

  • Independent financial audit of annual financial statements
  • Independent financial audit of Group Consolidation forms
  • Limited review of annual or interim financial statements
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Audit of reorganization of legal entities, as required by Commercial Act
  • Audit of projects, financed by operating programs or other funds

Audit process

  1. Understanding of client’s business and identification of risk areas
  2. Planning of the audit procedures – based on the understanding of the client’s business operations and significant business processes, define the audit tests and procedures
  3. Identification and testing the operating effectiveness of internal controls in the significant business processes
  4. Substantive testing of transaction
  5. Finalization of the audit process and issue of audit opinion
  • BAS & BCCS

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